Our Team

LeesGoo Solutions is proud to present our team of professional web designers, developers and marketing experts.

We are a different kind of web design and development company. We believe in helping our clients expand their online strategies through robust websites with innovative internet marketing.

Our team consists of directors, senior managers, designers, developers, and SEO professionals for web design, web development, software development and search engine optimization.

Our extensive background in web development and web design, marketing and merchandising, with experience across working on hundreds of projects, has enabled us to create a rich database. We have made it possible to turn out comprehensive and refined design and development solutions that completely satisfy our clients. We are the solution to all your online business needs.

Teamwork and perseverance reign supreme at Leesgoo. Our team of devoted professionals works hard to successfully complete each and every project and make sure that they meet or exceed the client’s expectations.

We have organized ourselves in accordance with the complex business environment of our clients and that requires professional talent with remarkable experience to provide ultimate solutions.

Our highly talented and experienced professional employees

  • Highly skilled software architects.
  • Professional software engineers and developers
  • Visionary system analysts
  • Creative web graphic designers
  • Expert quality assurance analysts
  • Specialized software testers
  • Technical writers
  • Network engineers
  • SEO specialists
  • Business development managers
  • Talented and capable project managers
  • Administrative experts

For more than four years, our team has been providing clients with comprehensive products and solutions, including custom web applications, website design, search engine optimization services, and email marketing and SMS marketing solutions.